For a more efficient and functional education system, the Federal Government should re-introduce Advanced Level (A-Level) as the third tier of learning.

An educationist, Mrs Olajumoke Akere, gave this advice.

Akere, an adolescent and peer mentor, said in Ibadan on Saturday that A-Level which was operational till early 80’s was the missing link in Nigeria’s education system.

“The A’Level programme provides solid foundation for students’ continuous educational journey by developing their knowledge, skills and understanding of issues before entering higher institutions.

“If the programme is restored it will help to solve the myriads of problems as regards university admissions,” she said.

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Akere, who is the proprietress of a pre-university school in Ibadan, said the 10 years’ experience of preparing secondary school leavers for admissions into tertiary institutions had impacted positively on beneficiaries.

According to her, the transition from secondary school to higher institutions had challenges as some of them are ill-prepared, immature and confused.

The education system is divided into kindergarten/primary education, secondary and tertiary education.

The nation’s Universal Basic Education stipulates six years of primary school education and three years of Junior Secondary School education, culminating in nine years of uninterrupted schooling up to the senior secondary level to obtain the West African Secondary School Examination certificate.

Akere said a re-introduction of A-Level as pre-university programme would further strengthen the education system and make university or tertiary education more meaningful and better.

The Federal Ministry of Education had earlier this year cancelled diploma programmes (A-Level) of federal universities through which they admit students for direct entry.

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