Elder statesman, Alex Ekwueme’s family is wondering why the Federal Government would promise to treat him as a former vice president and later fail to honour its words.

The Nigerian government went to the media a week earlier to announce their readiness to bear the full cost of treatment and transportation of the elder statesman to a hospital in London.

But according to Vanguard’s source, they only referred the issue to the Anambra State government where Ekwueme hails from.

According to the sources, the Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, who released an Air Ambulance to take Ekwueme to London, informed the Ekwueme family that was the extent the government could go.

It was reported that Ekwueme’s younger brother and surgeon, Professor Obumneme Ekwueme, who would have travelled with his brother to London as head of his medical team was dropped from the Air Ambulance.

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This was because he had problems with foreign exchange that would take care of other exigencies that would arise such as feeding, accommodation, drugs and laboratory tests.

“We are not surprised about the development because Ekwueme has not been receiving his entitlements from this administration. The Federal Government was not pressurised to make the promise. It did so on its own volition.”

“It is not as if our family could not have treated him in the best hospital in any part of the world. Even if they are not treating him, let them pay him his entitlements when he is still alive. They should not wait until he dies so that they will come and pay tributes to him as the best man while alive,” the family sources said angrily.

Ekwueme left in an air ambulance on Sunday while his brother, Obumneme, was expected to join him on Monday.

Among the family members that bade him farewell was Ekwueme’s daughter Mrs. Onyemelukwe, who is a running mate to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, governorship candidate for Saturday’s governorship election in Anambra State.


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