When Femi Otedola's video in a bus in Lagos spread like wild fire and people began to talk about chances that he could be interested in politics.

Some said he could be eyeing a governorship position.

It is not new in Nigeria to see a political office holder or an aspirant fry akara, roast corn or plantain or even sell pomo in a market.

They want to get the heart of the people. 

This trend may have resulted in the rumour.

But the business mogul has dismissed it, giving his side of the story. 

He is a man of the people, he says. 

On his Twitter page, Mr Otedola said: "My attention has been drawn to a news piece where false information from a parody account was posted.

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"I am a man of the people and I will always be on the side of the masses but I am stating clearly via this medium that I am not running for office".

To further show he was not interested in the position of a governor, he highlighted that "the Governor of Lagos State is doing a commendable job and Lagosians should be proud of him".