When it comes to female genital cutting culture, it appears Africa is not alone.

In the Scandinavian country Finland, thousand of girls go under the knife every year.

According to the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare, a development and research institute, there are 3,000 girls living in Finland who are likely to undergo genital cutting.

Their research also suggests that Finland is home to around 10,000 girls and women who have previously undergone the procedure.

According to the Human Rights Association, most of the women living in Finland who have undergone female genital cutting immigrated from Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Kurdish regions.

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So, it is still a culture exported into the country by African and middle-east immigrants.

Until now, data on female genital cutting in Finland had not been collected properly. However, in 2016, hospitals started to collect data from women in maternity wards. Additionally, a nationwide healthcare survey of girls will be conducted next year.

The Institute is also starting to provide training to healthcare professionals so that, for example, midwives are properly trained in how to deliver babies from women who have undergone female genital cutting.

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