If you had thought that this rainy will make power supply more stable, you assumed wrong.

In fact, Power minister, Babatunde Fashola wants you to get ready for more power cuts.

Fashola warned that the rainy season will pose a major challenge to the transmission and distribution channels.

According to him, although the rains will benefit hydro power stations, it will also pose some difficulties in the running of the distribution and transmission networks.

Fashola’s warning to operators in the sector was captured in the minutes of the 27th monthly meeting for investors in the industry.

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The minister advised operators - "prepare for the rainy season, which would provide more water supply to the hydro stations and pose major challenges to transmission and distribution networks.”

In this regard, he appealed to the operators to promptly issue notices when there are known damages that would interfere with power supply.

In addition, send maintenance teams out to repair and replace damaged equipment or clear fallen trees.

The minister urged the operators to also send information to the public on multiple platforms of conventional and social media to report faults that they might not be aware of.

Operators are also to painstakingly resolve all customer complaints and provide better services where needed.

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