Ekiti State election fever has ended with the declaration of Kayode Fayemi as the winner. 

The election was hugely monitored by local and foreign observers. 

Nigeria's colonial master, the United Kingdom, is still giving its support for Nigeria's democracy and it is showing. 

On Saturday, the U.K. government monitored the governorship election in Ekiti.

The British envoy in Nigeria, Paul Arkwright, was the one that observed the election on behalf of his nation. 

He was in Ekiti State and he shared every moment of #EkitiDecides2018 as it progressed. 

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It started with voters checking for their names in the list of voters to be sure of where they would vote. 

And then it was time for accreditation and voting which happened simultaneously.

Even the future voters were also out there observing things while they wait patiently for their time in the near future.

Mr Arkwright was also there when voting ended, with a voting unit now housing a half-drank bottle of soft drink.

Counting of votes followed and he also shared images of the counting process on his Twitter page. 

He also captured some voters' jubilation after they had waited at their polling units for counting of votes in the Ekiti governorship election that was won by Dr. Kayode Fayem. 

Dr Fayemi of the All Progressives Congress polled a total of 197,459 votes while the People's Democratic Party's candidate, Professor Kolapo Eleka, polled 178,121 votes.

The PDP says it will challenge the victory in a court

#EkitiDeicides2018 may appear to have ended with the announcement of the results, but the lessons of the election, with alleged monitory inducements, will not be forgotten easily. 

If you want to end inducement of voters in future elections, please, share this story with your friends and loved ones.