It is Father's Day and many Nigerian fathers are celebrating. 

A former President, Goodluck Jonathan, took time out to wish Nigerian fathers well, dropping few lines of eulogies for them. 

He considers Nigeria a blessed nation for having "fathers who have sired children and raised them up to build this great nation to the extent that it has become Africa’s largest economy which has also given the world great gifts like Nollywood".

Dr. Jonathan further described Nigerian fathers as "perhaps the most successful diaspora population in the world".

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Fathers in the armed forces were not left out, as he highlighted that they have helped to lay the foundation for "an armed forces that have helped keep the peace in Nigeria and many nations around the world.

"With such a legacy, I am proud of Nigeria’s fathers and wish every father this nation is blessed to have a happy Father’s Day.

"May God bless you and may He bless Nigeria".

Every third Sunday in the month of June has been set aside for the celebration of fathers around the world for their great contributions to humanity. 

Happy Fathers' Day.

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