Every father is happy when his child or children share wonderful messages with him daily. 

But today, Fathers' Day, is one special day that fathers will love to truly know they are loved by their children and even those they have in one way or the other touched their lives. 

Here are nine beautiful statements you can share with a father today. 

You can send them though SMS to a loving father. 

They truly deserve all the love for all the wonderful roles they play in the lives of every one in the family. 

1.  If your father means the world to you, you can share this with him. 

"To the world you are father, but to me you are the world."

2. If he believes so much in you. let him know.

"You gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: You believed in me."

3.  If you trust his counsel and advice on some pressing issues, share this with him.

"No matter how tall I grow, I will still look up to you my father."

4.  If your father has always shown the light in the right direction for you to find your path, it will be nice to say to him today.

"You have been my guiding light whose love shows me the way to talk."

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5. If your father is your hero and has won many battles for you and other siblings, let him also know that;

"Those who do not believe there is just one great hero will need to meet you, my father".

6.  If his shoulders have been great support for you when you needed them, tell him you can still remember.

"You have always provided a shoulder for me to lean on."

7.  If your father made your growing up fun, let him know by sharing this.

"You made growing up fun."

8.  If you are sure he loves you so much and cares about you, also send this beautiful message to him.

"You may not tell me everyday that you love me, but your daily actions speak louder than those words."

9. If you know he will always be in your heart as your great role model, let him know also.

"You held my hands for a little while but you will hold my heart forever."

If he falls into all categories send him all the messages, for the love you give in return will never be more than enough. 

Sing this Song of the Day for him: You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

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