What's the world without our loving fathers?

They break their backs to provide for their families, and their quiet but still effective admonishes whip us into line.

It is to this end that the 3rd Sunday of every June is set aside to celebrate their role in our lives.

As we join the rest of the world in celebrating Fathers Day today, we highlight 4 great ways you can celebrate the day with your old man.

1. Prepare his favourite meal: they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and fathers are not left out of this adage. Take the time to either prepare his meal yourself, or if you have siblings around you can all prepare the meal together. Be sure to make it extra special and serve it to him with some pump and fanfare.

2. Take him on a fun outing: treat him with a special outing either to the movies, family/old friend's place or you can just go sight-seeing. Just make the effort to be with him and take him to his favourite places. It could also be a great way to bond with him.

3. Have a spa date: nothing like a good massage to revive that aging body. A spa date is a great way to bond with your father as he enjoys his special treat.

4. Visit him with family: if you're already married with a family of your own, then you'd know that nothing pleases parents more than just having their children and their families over for a visit. So make out time to visit him along with your family and just chat about the good,ol' days.