"The pulpits should not be politicised, politics in the pulpit is a bad idea and pulpit should not be used for campaigns," the Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Reverend Nicholas Okoh, has highlighted. 

His comment is coming at a time that a Catholic Priest at the Adoration Ministry, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, indirectly showed his support for some politicians and his disapproval of some others who have not contributed to the development of his ministry. 

Reverend Okoh knows that the election is just less than 65 days away and he wants clerics to desist from using the pulpit for political campaigns.

The Anglican Leader gave the advice at a meeting tagged: “A Day with the primate for eminent Anglican Church of Nigeria” at the Episcopal House in Abuja on Thursday.

“To preach is a humble and holy task. Church attendees arrive with the assumption that what is said comes from the Bible.

“To cut and paste partisan talking points or to substitute consistent exegesis with sample ‘election season’ sermons is spiritual malpractice," he said.

Okoh urged clerics and Anglican faithful not to divide the church through acrimonious acts.

“The Church should be counter-cultural and should engage the issues of the day, but this engagement should be an outgrowth of the gospel’s sanctifying work in each believer.

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“In other words, the political issues shouldn’t be the main thing that characterises a church.

‘‘The gospel should be the main thing; the scriptures should be the main thing. Christ should be the main thing,” he said.

The Anglican Bishop stated that the essence of the meeting was to allow stakeholders across the country to discuss the issue of the church and the nation.

‘‘This meeting will also enable Anglican faithful to contribute their quarter towards the peace of this great nation.

“We are also advising stakeholders not to ignite conflicts among themselves," he added. 

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