The spat between Minister of Power, Works and House, Babtunde Fashola and electricity distribution companies, Discos appears to be heating up.

Earlier in the week, the Discos accused the minister of lying about issues of metering.

But the minster fired back on Friday in a rebuttal statement, lambasting the Association of Electricity Distributors, ANED.

He also condemned the association’s recent reactions to his directives to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, Bureau of Public Enterprises and Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading company.

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Fashola, who called the association’s spokesperson an interloper, (a person who becomes involved in a place or situation where they are not wanted) stressed that his directives went to legal entities and not to an unlicensed organisation, ANED.

He also said that the Discos are sabotaging Nigeria’s economy through their actions.

In a 28-page document released in Abuja on Tuesday by ANED, the power distributors had argued that most of the statements about Nigeria’s power sector that were made last week Monday by Fashola were false.

They said comments made by the minister on metering, power generation and transmission capacities, stranded electricity, among others, were significantly distorted.

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