American President Donald Trump is not a man liked by many but not hated by all.

This story of a Kosovo farmer is proof.

When Hysni Rexha from Kosovo finally made his dream happen and took four wolves from the wild to feed and raise them, he had no doubts over how to name one of them.

He called it Trump.

“I have some other wolves but this one has a lot of energy in everything and he is very smart,” Rexha, who likes to be called a holistic vet, told Reuters from his small farm in western Kosovo.

Rexha, who puts his hand in the mouths of his wolves, has named himself an Alfa Wolf and made Trump his deputy.

“I admire (President) Trump, he has a lot of energy, he gives orders, he is a brave man, that’s why I named my wolf Trump because he does the same things. He does not do what others do; he has his own style and does his mission.”

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But this kind of story is not unexpected in a country like Kosovo which is in a love affair with America and Donald Trump.

In a survey by Gallup International this month about how people rate the performance of United States government officials, Kosovo was ranked first in the world with 75% of Kosovars approving of Donald Trump’s administration.

Washington is Kosovo’s strongest ally politically and economically.

Many people in Kosovo have named their sons Klinton to show respect for former president Bill Clinton, who played the key role in the 1999 NATO intervention against Serbia which cleared the way for Kosovo’s declaration of independence.

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