The king/queen of Snapchat in Nigeria will now charge 10,000 Naira for you read his snapchat post.

Idris Okuneye also known as Bobrisky an internet celebrity, cross dresser and entrepreneur will start collecting the money from August 15, two weeks to his next birthday. 

He revealed this on his Snapchat but surprisingly, many of his fans really don't care about the price tag he slammed on his Snapchat account.

This is a reaction from one of his fans:

“I’m a guy of 35 years. I work for Nasa. I live in the US, Texas to be exact but I frequent Nigeria a whole lot. I have come to fall in love with someone in Nigeria. His name is Bobrisky. I love this guy so much.

“He is so real, but Nigeria is not ready for him. I want to bring him to the US and marry him”

Bobrisky said that the fee will help him pay the people he wants to employ.

He also said photos of him naked in the bathroom, putting on make-up, going out ,videos of him dancing and many more will be uploaded.

He gave some students who he thinks want to be like him a price tag of 5,000 Naira

Bobrisky says you have to pay to be on his Snapchat. Any thoughts?

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