Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode is not hiding the fact that he supports the restructuring of Nigeria.

He made this known on his Facebook while reacting to the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, statement that ‘no amount of advocacy or agitation would lead to restructuring.’

He said, "They are people that have fed fat on Nigeria and the very idea of dismantling and reforming our constitutional structure, redefining our nation and allowing the will of the people to be done terrifies them beyond belief because they stand to lose everything.

"They remind me of the sinister and savage forces that once supported apartheid and opposed black majority rule in South Africa.

"They are ignorant, self-serving, reactionary, godless and cruel people that are still living in an inglorious, inequitable and unconscioble past. Worst still, they are suffering from chronic delusions and they are out of touch with reality.

"They are modern-day slave masters who seek to preserve and protect a cruel, moribund, retrograde, unjust and failed system which serves their interest alone and which cages and destroys the future and destiny of our people.

"They use childish tales about the horrors of war to deter us from insisting on our rights and fighting for our freedom.

"They insist that we must accept the fact that we are slaves and second class citizens, that the “Christians are nothing” and that Nigeria was bequethed to them and their misguided and servile friends and allies by our erstwhile and ever so reactionary British colonial masters.

"They use the security agencies, the Armed Forces, the traditional rulers, the media, the ruling class, the political elite and all the other tools of oppression to intimidate and demonise us, paint us black, stand in our way and drown our voices but in the end they will fail and we shall prevail.

Malami had advised those campaigning for restructuring of the present federal structure to stop dissipating their energy while admitting that reforms and modifications of institutional arrangements, systems and processes are normal in federations world over.