Nigerian rapper, Falz, was at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday to watch Arsenal defeat Southampton 2-0 as they chase a top 4 finish in the Premier League.

At the end of the match, he appeared on the popular web series, Arsenal Fan TV alongside Kelechi Anyikude, a regular feature on the show.

Asked to share his view on the result, Falz The Bahd Guy commended the result but refused to be carried away.

Speaking in his comic broken accent, he said, “The real question is ‘to what end?’ We are still number five of the league table. No hope of Champions League qualification. So, to what end?”

A win for Liverpool who are currently fourth on the table on Sunday will relegate Arsenal to the Europa League.

Falz went on to say that he was not expecting any miracle in the form of Liverpool dropping points on the final match day.

“If they ask me I will say no hope. What can Middlesbrough do in that kind of game?” Falz, said, adding that it would be “very difficult” to embrace the idea of Arsenal playing in the Europa League.

Arsenal have become accustomed to finishing in the top four.