Nigerians deep love for "foreign" made good is legendary. But it doesn't extend to poultry. 

Last week, some European countries had a scare of contaminated eggs in circulations but bot one shell came across the Mediterranean into our shores.

Recently, there were rumours of rotten eggs being imported into the country.

But poultry farmers under the aegis of Poultry Association Of Nigeria, PAN have come out to debunk the claims of any rotten eggs imported.

The President of PAN, Ayoola Oduntan, emphasized on Tuesday that nobody imported raw eggs into the country.

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According to him, the only egg being imported into the country is egg powder and that goes directly to manufacturers.

“First of all, nobody is importing whole egg into Nigeria.

“How do you want to do it, is it by air, it will be too expensive.

“Is it by ship? It will get rotten before it gets to Nigeria and you do not freeze egg.

“So, whoever that says rotten eggs are being imported into Nigeria, does not know what he is saying,” he said.

Oduntan said that the association was, however, worried more about smuggling of live chickens into the country, adding that most of those chickens, mainly layers, might have been sprayed with chemicals.

“The association is more concerned with the smuggled chickens coming from European farms than the eggs.

“Those live chickens are sprayed with chemicals which find their ways inside the eggs,” he complained.

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