Yes, we know there is trouble in the southeastern part of Nigeria.

We know soldiers are on the streets of Aba and have been at loggerheads with members of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

We also know Nnamdi Kanu has not backed down on his showdown with the Nigerian government, and the once peaceful streets of Aba, Onitsha, Enugu, Umuaiha and others are no longer at ease.

But what we also know at Bounce News is that many of the images flying across social media are fake and deliberately shared to manipulate people’s minds.

We have since realized that some Nigerians are only out to milk this situation to further cause chaos.

What is more worrisome is how many Nigerians are so gullible that they draw their daggers at each other before asking if what they saw on social media is authentic.

Here are some of the fake images we have seen this week of the Nigerian Army’s Operation Python and they have nothing to do with the Army-IPOB faceoff.

  1. Biafra Rocket Missile

This was just released by a blog and it is so fake! There is nothing like that.

This was the creative burial ceremony of a staunch member of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) sometime in July 2017.

His kinsmen simply decided to build his coffin in the shape of a rocket and painted it in Biafra colours.

Here are more pictures from the burial ceremony.


  1. Burning of Hausa men

There is also this video being circulated on WhatsApp purportedly of IPOB members burning two Hausa men.

It is FALSE.

Renowned journalist, Kayode Ogundamisi who takes factchecking seriously tweeted about the video saying:

“Video does not have anything to do with the current crisis, it is a video of a mob lynching of alleged robbers. Close study of the video has multiple persons describing the activities of Armed Robbers, no reference to IPOB.”

Furthermore, no security agency has confirmed such an incident ever happened.

“When you receive any information, video, photos regarding current crisis, always fact check before sharing,” he added.