That Facebook Boy,  Mark Zuckerberg has plans to take over the world or better still build strong communities and improve lives by sharing. 

Your darling social network, Facebook is looking for more ways to get you hooked onto your mobile device.

Call it the Facebook evolution and you’d be right.

The social network giant will soon start a television broadcast.

But don’t think of it as competition with CNN or Channels TV.

Its competition instead would be Netflix or ABC studios.

It plans include producing high-quality television series and gaming shows to be broadcast on its platform.

Facebook, which has around two billion monthly users worldwide, is working on the project with a small group of partners and hopes to start putting out episodes of its forthcoming series by the end of the summer.

Facebook’s vice president for media partnerships, Nick Grudin revealed this while confirming a report in the Wall Street Journal.

“Our goal is to make Facebook a place where people can come together around video,” Grudin said, noting that Facebook and its collaborators would “experiment with the kinds of shows you can build a community around — from sports to comedy to reality to gaming.”

Facebook is funding the shows on its own at first, he said, “but over time we want to help lots of creators make videos funded through revenue sharing products like Ad Break,” a software tool that allows adverts to be directly inserted into Facebook’s online content.