Social media giant, Facebook is opening up its recently introduced feature - Facebook Stories, to business accounts.

The social network is finally completing the last step of its Facebook Stories rollout: letting brands participate.

Facebook announced Thursday that it will begin opening up its Stories feature to Pages (or accounts that are run by businesses).

The rollout, which arrives more than eight months after Facebook officially launched the feature, will begin "over the coming month," according to Facebook product manager, Amy Sun.

“We've been listening to our community and working to make it fast, fun and easy for people and Pages to create Stories on Facebook," she told Mashable in an email.

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"Over the coming month, Pages will be able to create Stories to share with the people who follow them,” she added.

Facebook didn't elaborate on why the Stories rollout has been so slow, but it likely has something to do with how extremely unpopular the feature is, reports Mashable.

Its slow adoption, it said, has been consistent since its launch, despite experiments that have allowed users to cross-post Instagram Stories to Facebook and even the addition of Facebook Stories on desktop.

Now, the company is finally going to allow brands and other organizations with Pages to create their own Stories, which will no doubt increase engagement with the feature.

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