Facebook recently acquired rights to show the English Premier League in Southeast Asia.

That is one of the moves that surprised industry watchers.

But the social networking giant isn’t done yet with diversification and expansion into several other areas.

It has succeeded in getting you several friends, now the platform wants to also help you hook up, and it doesn’t matter how you like it.

Everyone is welcome.

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Facebook is reportedly currently testing an upcoming feature internally, called “Facebook Dating.”

Online news platform, Hypebae reports that the new concept is geared towards people looking to “find more serious relationships,” and will not be available as a standalone app, but rather as a special section within the main platform.

At the moment, the new feature is being tested by Facebook’s own employees.

The new venture allows users to activate the feature on Facebook, meaning that only others who have turned on the dating settings can see you.

Only users over the age of 18 will be able to participate and matches will be able to instantly chat over the platform.

Matches are also based on information that Facebook gathers on each individual, allowing you to talk to people with similar interests.

Most notably, the platform also allows the user to select from 5 different genders – woman, trans woman, man, trans man and non-binary.

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