Lewis Hamilton is by no means content with his four Formula One World Championship titles as the Brit is already talking of winning his fifth.

Hamilton is already Britain's most successful motor racing driver ever with his triumph over the weekend, but he is not willing to take his feet off the pedal just yet.

The 32-year-old Englishman finished only ninth — the lowest position of his championship-winning season — following a stunning opening-lap collision with Vettel, after which Hamilton asked if his rival had crashed into him on purpose.

'Four is a great number, but I want number five now,' Hamilton said in Mexico. 'Throughout the race I was just thinking to myself, "don't give up".

'I went back to when my Dad put me in the boxing ring when I was younger and this kid beat the crap out of me. My nose was bleeding and I didn't want to go back in, and it felt very similar today.

'I got the puncture, and I could have easily resorted to giving up, making mistakes, but, I remembered that moment and I was like "I'm not going to give up, I'm going to keep pushing, and give it everything, so that when I cross the line I can be proud of myself," and I definitely am.' The new champion stated.

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