Have you ever been extorted by traffic officials in any Nigerian city? 

Some are so crafty that when they see a person who is not familiar with a road network attempting to use a wrong road, they will be praying in their heart for the person to commit that blunder.

The moment it happens, it becomes an avenue for them to make money. 

The ideal thing to do, and which is usually emphasised when state government set sup this traffic agencies, is to warn and guide the individual.  

In Asaba, the capital of Delta State, some officials of the state Traffic Management Authority (DESTMA) are in trouble for allegedly extorting motorists. 

The Commissioner for Transport in Delta, Mr Vincent Uduaghan, on Thursday ordered their arrest.

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Uduaghan, while inviting the police to arrest the officials near the state secretariat in Asaba, said that it was time for the officials to account for their sins.

Their arrest will serve as deterrent to other officers with such unruly behaviour, the commissioner said.

According to him, the officers were arresting motorists on flimsy excuses, lock up their wheels and extort them.

Uduaghan said that he had received several complaints over the issue.

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He said that the officers, if found wanting, would be punished.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that many motorists, who witnessed the incident, lauded the commissioner for the arrest.

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