Morufat Kareem and her husband, Kehinde Kareem had been married for years with him not showing much interest in religious activities.

But suddenly, he told his wife he was going for a vigil and gradually it became a constant thing. She was surprised because ever since they got married, he had never attended one.

One night, she decided to go with him since it involves prayer and he said the place was not far.

"I left the children at home because they were asleep hoping to come back and wake them up when I finally know the place.

"But to my surprise, we were just perambulating, and it did not seem like we had a destination. Finally, he told me ‘there's no vigil tonight’ and that we should go back home.

"We eventually got home but his phone wouldn't stop ringing and whenever he wants to answer the call, he went to the backyard to talk," she said.

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No woman would feel uncomfortable with such and that incident sowed the seed of distrust between the couple who have been married for 18 years.

Business was doing well, and the couple moved to their own house but that was when Mr Kehinde let the cat out of the bag and confirmed Morufat’s fears.

"We moved to our house which was three rooms, then he started misbehaving towards me and his children.

"Eventually, told me he wanted to bring in another wife and this was why goes for his supposed vigils and she would move in with us.

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"I agreed to him having a second wife if he so wishes but disagreed to the fact that she will move in with us.

"This lady in question is far older than I am. After much talks, I agreed to allow her to move in with us, then trouble began in the house.

"He stopped giving us money for upkeep. His new wife goes for her business and spends about five days then comes back home, whenever he knows she is coming home, that's when he leaves money for food," she concluded

This story was told at the Grade C Customary Court Oja Oba in Ibadan where Morufat is currently fighting to save her marriage after her husband got tired of their union and filed for divorce.

"I have never enjoyed our marriage from day one. There was a day family came together for settlement and her mother slapped me and this singular act disrupted the meeting. All I want is for us to go our separate ways," he said.

Morufat wanted to stay in the marriage for the sake of her children but the court ruled that both parties should go their separate way in peace asking the children to be in the custody of their mother.

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