Disarmed militants in Ondo state are currently warming to dust off their abandoned guns, return to the creeks, and engage the state government in what they term a mother of all battle.

Their planned action was triggered by the failure of the state government to fulfill it’s promises one year after they surrendered their arms.

In a statement by the leader of the group, Ogailo Ibory, the boys were betrayed, disappointed and neglected by the government.

"Last year, we heeded to the plea of the deputy governor, Agboola Ajayi to surrender our weapons. Since then, their word still remain a promise on paper. We've been used, betrayed and dumped but we will go back to our base and resist any political move in the region come next year."

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But in a swift reaction to the statement, the state commissioner for Land and Housing, Donald Ojogo posited that government has not abandoned them but things have to be done rightly.

"We didn't promise them a paradise on earth. We will definitely fulfill our own side of the bargain but if they feel they can threaten the government by sabotaging its political activities, then they will meet their Waterloo."

The militants had, few weeks ago, stormed the governor's office commando style, creating panic and causing many of the government officials to scale through the fence in escape for their lives.

Since the invasion which was reportedly aimed at sending a warning signal to the government, nothing seems to have been done about their matter hence, their reason for returning to the creek.

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