Popular On Air Personality, Murphy Ijemba is reportedly making moves to mend fences with his erstwhile employers at BRILA FM; particularly the CEO, Larry Izamoje.

Murphy, who used to command a large audience of loyal listeners owing to his unique ‘street style’ presentation on radio announced his exit from Brila in a controversial fashion a couple of weeks ago.

It is been reported that Ijemba, in his resignation letter, said: ‘…I would like to sincerely apologise to Dr. Larry Izamoje and the Brila family for whatever embarrassment my regrettable actions and inactions might have caused them personally and corporately”.

Adding that, ‘To err is human, to forgive is Divine. I am indeed sorry. Please accept my sincere apologies…’

While the talks of a truce is on the front burner, the man in the middle, Ijemba has served a hint suggesting that he has moved on and will soon be up to something new.

He posted this tweet on Thursday

Expectedly, fans of Ijemba have vowed to follow him wherever he goes with some even promising to contribute monies if he would need to buy airtime slots on radio to air his programme.