After Tuesday’s defection from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senate President Bukola Saarki was in Ilorin to meet with his supporters.

During the meeting, Saraki revealed the real reasons why he decided to dump the APC for the PDP.

Below are three quotes from Saraki’s address to his supporters.

1.  I was marginalized in APC

The Federal Government appointed over 200 persons into juicy offices without allotting any slot to me or (Speaker, House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara).  If not for the love I have for Nigeria, I would have scattered everything. They don’t want me in their party.

2  Buhari Does Not Like Kwara

The APC government since inception has not shown love to  Kwara State. The state has been forgotten in terms of appointments by the APC.  Everything went to Katsina, and Lagos.

3  PDP  is the party for Kwara

What I am after is for my people to enjoy dividend of democracy. I want us to be in the party that will love my people. Wherever we are, we will win elections. The governor told me he’s tired of the APC.

“We discussed this issue last week when I came home. You told me that you were tired of the APC, but I asked you to exercise patience. I told you that I will seek God’s guidance and feed you back on my return to Ilorin.

“Those we are talking to in the Peoples Democratic Party have understood that we need to move Nigeria forward. There is no cause for alarm. We should forget about personal ambition as we move to a new party. What should be paramount in our minds is Nigeria’s progress.

“We will set up our committee which will be meeting with the PDP committee. I’ve met with great stakeholders in the PDP such as Prof. Sulaiman, Ajibola Simon and Yekini Alabi and we have all agreed to work together. We should cooperate with the PDP people who we are joining.”

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