What happened in that bathtub in Glamour Girls is not something that many Nigerians will forget in a jiffy.

Even though it was fiction, it looked so real that many said she was a 'spoilt child'.

Ohhhh! Sad! some very young lads out there will not know much about that role Eucharia Anunobi played in that movie. be joyful for you may see it again.

The Nollywood actress turned pastor, says even though she is a cleric, she could still be the ‘naughty girl’ in a movie.

The actress said this in an interview, while reacting to reports that she would stop acting, because of her new calling as a ‘woman of God’.

She stated that her individuality is different from whatever character she portrays in a movie.

“Some people think that when you become a minister of the gospel, you are not supposed to have a career. However, being a minister does not stop you from working.

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"As a matter of fact, I just got back from set. Even as a pastor, I can still act a movie like Glamour Girls because my individuality is different from whatever character I portray in a movie. I always tell people that undue exposure of the body that does not add to the story doesn’t make sense.” She said.

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"I watch some movies where people bare skin for no plausible reason. Being a pastor does not stop me from acting any role, as long as there is no undue exposure of my body. I gave my life to Christ in 1997; so, even at the peak of my career, I was a born again,” she added. 

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