The European Union, EU is not giving up on efforts to stop Africans from risking their lives to end up on their shores.

On Thursday, EU leaders will discuss how to further curb immigration from across the Mediterranean over dinner but that is the only certain thing.

The more crucial matter of what becomes of those who have successfully crossed over has yet to be decided. At the moment, the EU leaders are still divided as ever on how to take care of refugees who make it to Europe.

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Their chairman and the President of European Council, Donald Tusk, proposed creating a new financing tool in the bloc’s next multi-year budget from 2021 to “stem illegal migration”.

The EU has been heavily criticised by human rights groups that it is aggravating the suffering of refugees and migrants on the southern shore of the Mediterranean.

But it does not seem to care as it is sticking to its policy of providing various kinds of assistance to the governments and U.N. agencies in the Middle East and Africa in order to prevent people from making the trek north in the first place.

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While implementing these plans in some places, notably the lawless Libya, is proving difficult, all EU states and institutions in Brussels agree on the approach.

However, the question of how to handle refugees who have made it to the EU is as divisive now as it was two years ago.

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