For the first time in Africa, a presidential election in Kenya was cancelled by a court.

This was despite some foreign observers, who witnessed the elections, agreeing that the poll was free and fair.

The decision by the Kenyan Supreme court to cancel the vote made the European Observers to go over again, the details of what they saw during the voting.

This brought them to the same conclusion – there was no vote-rigging.

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Instead, some technical problems were found after they conducted some random checks of tallies from polling stations.

The finding was announced as Kenya gears up for a re-run of the contest between President Uhuru Kenyatta and challenger Raila Odinga on October 17.

Credible elections would boost Kenya’s role as East Africa’s richest economy and a stable Western ally in a region roiled by conflict.

The EU said it had examined 1,558 randomly selected scanned polling station results forms from 82 constituencies.

A small percentage were unreadable, others had mathematical mistakes, and others were missing data or signatures.

This is contrary to Raila Odinga’s allegations that the original vote was marred by fraud.

“There was little variation in the patterns of anomalies ... and no obvious advantage to one camp or another,” the EU said in the statement.

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