Google and Facebook are two internet giants that are making the kind of money that is keeping European Union ministers on edge.

That is why it rushed on Saturday to change the rules of engagement so that, Google and Facebook, including more of Silicon Valley's mega profits fall into public coffers.

Public anger against the billions of euros earned by online behemoths is growing louder in Europe and EU finance ministers meeting in Estonia pledged to make sure the companies pay more taxes.

But divisions emerged on how to go about taking on the giants, with several member states worried that a tax in Europe could push the companies to set up shop in the US or Asia.

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In the digital age "the current taxation system no longer applies and that is why we have to find another solution," said Toomas Toniste, finance minister of Estonia, which hold the EU's six-month rotating presidency.

"We are now about 10 countries to back this idea," said French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire as stepped into the talks, adding that he hoped for a firm proposal by December.

"We don't want a Europe at the heel of others," he added.

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