It seems help is coming from the East.

Ethiopia Airline is coming to the rescue of Nigeria’s largest but troubled airliner, Arik Air.

Africa’s leading airline, Ethiopian Airlines has submitted a formal offer to take charge of the AMCON managed flier.

CNN reports serious plans are under way for Ethiopian Airlines to take over Arik Air, which accounts for more than half of Nigerian air passenger traffic.

“We have outlined our terms and conditions to the Nigerian government and we are waiting to see if they agree,” Esayas WoldeMariam, Ethiopian’s managing director of international services, told CNN.

“We are capable and desirous of handling the airline,” he added.

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WoldeMariam did not specify details of the offer, but added that he expects to face competition for Arik from other international airlines.

There are no indications yet that foreign airlines have submitted bids to take over the airline which is now under the management of AMCON following the debt of over 400 billion naira.

Arik’s Managing Director, Captain Roy Ilegbodu reported in August that the company has stabilised under AMCON’s leadership, with services running smoothly and salaries paid.

It now carries an average of 4,000 passengers daily. It has the largest fleet of 14 aircraft, although according to Ilegbodu only 10 of are operational at any time.

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