Many records were broken on Monday night when England stunned their hosts, Spain 3-2 in Seville in the UEFA Nations League.

Eric Dier has been named as one of the standout men by setting the tone for a brilliant first-half performance from the visitors.

Dier had some feisty challenges on Sergio Busquets and Sergio Ramos in the opening 15 minutes.

He was shown a yellow card for his tackle on Spain captain Ramos, but he took it well, knowing it was important to ensure Spain were knocked out of their rhythm early.

Eric Dier now believes England should maintain their combative approach as they progress under Manager Gareth Southgate, after the side’s impressive victory.

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 “Once we start the game, it’s every man for himself and we have to put our foot down, put a marker down,” Dier told British media.

“We have to be aggressive, be on the front foot and show that nothing is going to intimidate us.

“Ramos is a great example; he does everything so well but at the same time he puts his foot down and he’s not going to be bullied.

“We have to be the same way.”

Southgate’s side are building a reputation as a possession-based outfit but Dier reckons the ability to win physical battles will be equally as important to their long-term prospects.

“It’s just a question of being smart at the right times,” Dier added.

“Obviously, it was frustrating Spain, frustrating the crowd. I think it’s just maturity, really, knowing when to win fouls, when to take your time,” Dier said.

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