Manchester United welcomed Arsene Wenger like he was one of theirs.

The great Alex Ferguson was on hand to do the honours and say an official goodbye to Arsene Wenger at Old Trafford.

Jose Mourinho wasn't left out of the spotlight as he too had a smiling face and no rants at all for Wenger on the sideline.

It was the Red Devils that eventually prevailed and here's what Ashley Young had to say: 

"Whether we've play well or not..."

1. Mourinho Like Man Utd loves to win:

For some strange reason the home fans stayed in their seats even when it reached the 90th minute mark.

They seem to have become used to their team saving the best for last.

It was Ashley Young who pulled up a brilliant cross from the left and Fellaini who backed the post but still found the net after beating Ospina.

2. 'Pretty Football' is not a priority: 

Manchester United is focusing on 3 points and not post match analysis. The Red Devils looked well in form from the start of the game.

Returning from the break, there was a clear deep in confidence or maybe they were underrating Wenger's youngsters who held their heads up.

After all the fuss and action, it was a moment of simple basic football that settled the contest.

3. The season isn't over for Mourinho's men:

United are on 77 points and have an FA Cup final date with Chelsea.

Rather than bask in the euphoria of victory over a close rival on his final visit, Mourinho's men have their eyes fixed on Brighton.

It is also obvious that the United team were not distracted by the Wenger funfair which saw United fans applaud the Frenchman as he walked on and off the pitch.

At least they believe Wenger has paid his dues, paid in full and perhaps deserves some accolades.