Air borne disease is staring at the residents of Akure in Ondo state with the heap of refuse that has become one of the visible components that constitute the cosmopolitan city.

For some months, residents of the state capital have been battling with offensive odour and sight of dirts within their neighbohood.

Despite the monthly sanitation being carried out in the state and monitored by the ministry of environment, it appears the exercise does not really have much impact on the general clealiness of the environment which has become a major challenge for residents.

The people of Ilu-Titun in Oke-Aro seem to have been worst hit with the environmental disaster as the road that passes through the area to Idanre has virtually turned to a refuse site.

How this refuse became a heap with a long stretch that claims almost half of the road is really a big issue for members of the community.

"When the road sides were bushy, we noticed some people were dumping refuse inside the bush. It was later cleared and the dirts were packed. Then, the refuse resurfaced and gradually, it became something that can't be handled again by residents.

"More than three times before it got to this level, the community leaders announced that people should come out on one Saturday to clear it but nobody responded." Said Rebecca Ilesanmi.

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One of the elders in the area, Steve Akinwande posited that they have sent representatives to the state waste management agency for over a month, but nothing has been done on it.

"We have been on this matter for over a month now. If not for anything, at least, they should consider the health hazard it poses on our people here.

"Then, the government should look into the fact that, this is the only road that leads to Idanre where thousands of people pass every week to visit the hill and several other engagement.

"What impression will they have on the state at large? This is an eyesore and it does not portray us in good light to the outsiders."

A staff of the waste management agency who preferred to remain anonymous however disclosed that the truck assigned for the area is undergoing repair and presently not in working condition.

He however could not give further information on when it will be ready for the job.

As it stands, residents of the area will have to contend with the offensive sight, odour and the health hazard generated by the environmental pollution.

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