There is a treasure at the Olusosun dumpsite, but the Lagos State government seems to have missed it, but an environmentalist has found it and he wants the government to use it. 

It appears there is no limit to what the Lagos State government could do with the dumpsite that it is reclaiming. 

A plan on the establishment of a park at the site had earlier been reported, but an environmentalist, Mr Idowu Salawu, has another suggestion on what the government can achieve from the dumpsite which will also benefit people. 

People who live around the dumpsite that have suffered the effect of the smoke that come from there in the last few months can also reap a reward from it, if the suggestion of the environmentalist will be considered. 

He wants the government to liaise with the private sector and establish a solar farm at the Olusosun Dumpsite in Lagos recently closed by the state government.

Salau, who is also the Chief Executive Officer, Macpresse West Africa Ltd, told the News Agency of Nigeria that the proposal by the state government to convert the dumpsite to a recreation centre was below the economic potential of the landfill.  

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"Olusosun is a treasure to Lagos; it is located at the heart of Lagos and close to the national grid.

"It is a good development that the state government has decided to transform the dump site to a recreation centre, but the government should look beyond a park.

"I advise establishment of a value chain because its strategically located; the Olusosun Dumpsite can generate 25 megawatts of electricity,’’ he said.

The expert said that the landfill could accommodate  the solar farm, an energy-generating facility and a recreation park for economic viability.

"Scientific reports state that you can generate one megawatt of electricity from one million metric tonnes of landfill waste.

"Olusosun has been in existence since 1992; from estimates, it has received not less than 25 to 30 million metric tonnes of landfill waste that can produce 25 megawatts of electricity.

"It can also produce 325,000 cubic feet of gas, enough to power from 800kw to 1,000kw of electricity turbine plant.

"The state government can incorporate the solar farm, energy-generating facility and recreation park at the Olusosun site," he said.

Apart from using the place to its full potential, Salawu also wants the government to apply caution in the current capping of the landfill to avert disaster. He wants a scientific approach to the capping.

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"Landfill fires are very delicate; one method cannot be used to turn off the fire.

"It takes a multifaceted approach. We have the surface and the sub-surface landfill fire.

"I hope that the capping of the landfill is done appropriately so that it does not result in sub-surface fire.

"I advise that a post-closure study plan of the dump site be carried out before capping the landfill with laterite," he added.