Bayelsa state carried out its monthly Environmental Sanitation exercise to rid communities of waste and clear blocked drains.

"Cleanliness is for everybody and as such, residents need to keep their environment neat especially after the flood. Those arrested have been taken to Ovom so that they will feel the presence of real court premises and know that we are not joking."  Director, Drilling Unit, Mr Pereowei Eguruze said.

bayelsa enviromental saniation

He thanked everyone who complied with the sanitation exercise.

While some people cleaned their surroundings, others used the time to engage in social and commercial  activities.

The government arrested a total of 59 defaulters comprising of 35 men and 24 women in Yenagoa.

At the Sanitation court, they will either obtain bail with the sum of 10,000 Naira each or serve a maximum jail term of 3 weeks at Okaka Prison.

bayelsa enviromental sanitation

Mrs Grace Ayakpo who was arrested for not complying with the sanitation exercise told Bounce News that she was on her way to clean her shop situated along Ekeki motor park.

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"A bus stopped beside me, and some men instructed me to enter. I have never been arrested before by anybody," she said with tears in her eyes.

Grace Ayakpo says she regrets leaving her house and vowed never to repeat the mistake again.

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