A rally heralding the return of President Muhammadu Buhari left human and vehicular movement in Enugu metropolis at standstill for over four hours on Monday.

The welcome rally train passed through Bisilla Road, Chime Avenue and Enugu-Abakaliki Road.

Hundreds of Nigerians on the train held various placards with inscriptions such as “Welcome Baba’’ and “APC is Marching Forward’’.

Other inscriptions are: “South-East is solidly behind PMB”, “We Continue to Pray for Mr President’s Success”, ”Baba is Back to Continue His Good Works” and “Is PMB Now or Never”.

The Buhari Support Organisation (BSO), Enugu State Chapter, organized the rally and their Chairman, Chief Anike Nwoga, told journalists that the rally was meant to show gratitude to God for bringing Buhari back after his medical vacation.

“To this end, we implore you (Buhari) to appeal to the National Assembly to immediately approve the $29.9 billion foreign loans and more to get Nigeria out of recession and back to work.

“We are making this request because it is better to harvest your uncommon acceptability by the international community to secure more loans.

“There is no doubt that the international community admires your integrity quotient.

“More loans will not only exit us from recession, but will enable you to add more megawatts of electricity, reverse the archaic idea of revamping the old gauge rail lines, instead of modern standard gauge, and expansion of the Kebbi/Lagos States Rice revolution in other states according to their comparative crop advantage,” he said.

He believes millions of Nigerians will be employed if additional 20 billion-dollar loan is added.

The BSO leader also requested the President to fill all outstanding federal boards and other vacancies.

“This is the best way to reinforce hope of the citizens and cement the national consensus,” he said.