Cheeky, troublesome and absolutely hilarious, Nkechi; played by Wazobia FM On-Air Personality, Nedu has entertained many an Instagram user at some point.

It is therefore interesting to note that the character was brought to life on the insistence of Nedu's friend, Comedian/Actor/TV host, Emma Oh Ma God.

This was revealed by none other than Nedu himself, who was a recent visitor at Bounce News HQ.

In an exclusive chat, Nedu shared how he had been growing a large following on video sharing platform, Keek; growing to be the 6th funniest Nigerian there, but was forced to change lanes after the popularity of the platform waned in Nigeria.

After the following for Keek dipped, he did a few skits with Nkechi but never took it seriously till after Emma Oh Ma God invited him to work on something with him for his own page.

"I'd done Nkechi character long time ago and it was when my friend Emma Oh Ma God wanted to do the 'Work, Work, Work' video and he said I should come and do an Nkechi video. So after he video he said, 'do this thing now just continue am'. And that's how I started it"

After that, Emma encouraged him to continue with Nkechi and there's been no regrets for the funny man ever since.

"We started the Nkechi thing to add value because I always want to add value. So we thought of doing it differently in a way that everyone can relate. So we thought of advising people because moral values in Nigeria don dey water water."

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