The last ray of hope seems to have faded away in the search for the missing Cardiff player, Emiliano Sala.

The chances of the player being alive became slimmer on Monday, February 4th after a body and wreckage of the aircraft were found.

The 28-year-old Argentina-born forward had been en route from Nantes in western France with pilot David Ibbotson to make his debut for Welsh team Cardiff city.

The plane is believed to have crashed into the sea on January 21.

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“The object is wreckage from the missing Piper Malibu aircraft,” Britain’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch said in a statement.

“Tragically, in video footage from the ROV, one occupant is visible amidst the wreckage.

The AAIB is now considering the next steps, in consultation with the families of the pilot and passenger, and the police.”

The wreckage was found on Sunday following a privately-funded underwater search which began after two seat cushions were discovered on the French coast that likely belonged to the aircraft.

The AAIB said it had now concluded it was the missing Aircraft, issuing an underwater image of the crashed plane with part of its registration number – N264DB – clearly visible.

“The image shows the rear left side of the fuselage, including part of the aircraft registration,”.

“We intend to publish an interim report within one month of the accident occurring.” the AAIB said.