It was drizzling, and her eyes moved constantly from her children to the sliced pieces of yam she was frying.

As the rain intensified, 4 of her children between 3 and 6 years were outside playing.

Lying at the entrance of The Apostolic Church Nigeria and the opposite side of her location in Captain Ayeni Road, Yenizue - Epie, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, were several bundles of live high-tension electricity cables.

An electric wooden pole had fallen the previous week due to pressure from the wind.

Standing under a big umbrella where she carries out her business, she warned them to stay away from the live wires.

Mrs Feyena Azuzuama, a petty trader and resident of the street said the pole fell during the day and the cables littered the road.  

"It was raining just like today, when the pole fell. 

"Live wire scattered on the road and there was power supply.”

High tension wire causes scare in Bayelsa communit

She also explained that some mothers became apprehensive and ran helter-skelter looking for their children. 

"I quickly locked my family inside the room while shouting through my window, alerting passers-by and motorists about the danger. 

"An unknown person made a phone call which resulted in total blackout within the area," she said.

Another eye witness, a dry cleaner, Mr Maxwell Ekubo, said he was alerted by the uproar that the incident triggered at the time.

"It was shouts from people that alerted me. 

"I quickly switched off sockets and wore my slippers to prevent electric shock.      

"That pole needed to be changed but our landlord didn't listen to us," he said. 

He thanked God that no life was lost. 

Ordinarily, one will conclude that it is the duty of the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company of the generation company to replace old poles, but in Nigeria things don't work like that.

The community often take the burden and this anomaly has continued. 

High tension wire causes scare in Bayelsa communit

However, efforts of the residents to fix the bad poles in their locality have become fruitless because of looting.

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Yes! Looting of funds does not only happen in government offices in Nigeria, it also happen in communities. 

A member of the light committee in that area, Mrs Enakumo Brazil, revealed that money contributed for changing of old poles in the area was embezzled by some members of their committee.

She, however, assured residents affected by the blackout that there would be power supply by Monday, October 15.

One of the children playing in the rain when the pole fell, shared her experience with Bounce News.   

"I just heard my mummy shout Esther, come inside now and I obeyed her," she said. 

She thanked God that none of them lost their lives.

Despite the danger associated with electricity, the cables have been on the ground for about a week now.

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