If you doubt this, it is either you don’t live in Nigeria or never been to any Nigerian city. There is no stable electricity supply and majority of the population are forced to provide their own electricity.

This has not come without its hazards including generator-induced hearing loss among the population.

An expert on hearing loss, Dr Bolajoko Olusanya, on Friday blamed chiefly generators, some prescription drugs, and exposure to loud noise as major causes of hearing loss in the country.

Olusanya, a Medical Director at a Lagos clinic, Phonics Hearing Centre, made the remark in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday in Lagos.

“In Nigeria, we use generators a lot, because of frequent power outages.

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“The public should be sensitised to recognise that apart from getting power supply from generators, staying too long near them can cause hearing loss and once you have hearing loss, it is for life.

“Also, people who are exposed to loud noise, including pepper grinding machines, those in the aviation industry, as well as factory workers, are at risk of hearing loss.

“People should be made aware that if you are working where there is noise, do not stay for too long and if you have to stay, use ear plugs to protect your hearing.

“Another risk factor apart from generators is the frequent use of drugs, like some antibiotics are susceptible to hearing loss,” he said.

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