So, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has postponed the presidential election slated for February 16 and left many Nigerians stranded.

If Nigerian didn’t practice the culture of imposing curfew on election day, this would not be a problem but sadly businesses and office have had to shut down with many traveling to locations where they registered to vote.

Now, how do we make being at home all day interesting and count for something? You did not imagine having to be this idle today and the political analyses on TV just make things worse.

If you are with your partner, you may be thinking sex. Yes, sex is good, but you cannot be at it all day. There has to be more than that.

Here are some ideas you can play with.

Clean your house, free some space!

Clean out your closet; go through your clothes, you will find a jacket that doesn’t fit you anymore, those jeans that you never really liked, or a pair of shoes that are out of vogue.

They really do not have to remain in your cupboard or under your bed. Take them out and set them aside to be donated to charity.

There are many people who would be very grateful and would use them a lot better than you would.

Some aren’t even good enough for charity, trash them.

If after this you feel like your space is missing something, make it a double hit! Re-arrange or redecorate your home.

Watch that TV series

For some of us, TV series just don’t work. I prefer you tell your story in two hours and let me do other things.

However, a day like this is the perfect time to find a new TV series to watch (maybe even multiple if you run out of episodes to watch).

TV series and shows are a very good way to get your mind off the politics of Nigeria, maybe even re-watch an oldie.

The good thing is that your home is already well stocked with food. So, make some good food, get comfortable on the couch, and enjoy the rest of your day!

INEC will sort themselves out. 

If PHCN fails to supply electricity, this next one might also help.

Redemption Time

If you live in a mega city like Lagos or other metropolitan locations, there is a chance that you owe some friends or family a visit.

In fact, you would have been labelled nonchalant by some persons because you only always promise to “see you soon” but never fulfill it.

Just search through your phone now and pick the closest and most important of those people, give them a call and announce your visit.

Everyone is happy.

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