Police at a notorious location in Bayelsa have been robbed of their guns.

Men of the underworld, who came with local guns, exchanged their guns with those of police personnel manning a location under the only flyover in Bayelsa State located along Adaka Boro expressway.

Days after the election was cancelled, the police personnel returned to their duty post under a flyover that connects different roads to some parts of the state.

Coming from Tombia, the left hand side of the road leads to Azikoro and Agbura communities.

The right leads to Sani Abacha express down to Onopa and Hospital road while driving forward will take one to Oxbow Lake, Swali market and the riverine communities.

Under the bridge was a police patrol van and four armed officers on duty. Their duty commenced by 9:00 a.m. while those on night duty would resume by 5:30 p.m local time.

They control traffic and ensure the safety of motorists and their passengers because of the activities of criminals within that area.

On February 18, the weather was hazy, as the harmattan breeze blew. Four armed officers headed by an inspector, Mr Diepreye Okposi (not real name), resumed duty under the bridge.

None knew that tragedy was about to strike.

Motorists speed past while some drop passengers who subsequently board tricycles en-route Bayelsa Palm Road, Azikoro and Agbura or Ekeki areas.

The only noise heard, was that of blaring horns and vehicular movements.

By 1: 09 p.m., the officers whom were earlier seen conversing happily started arguing in high tones. They pushed, pointed fingers and abused each other.

Suddenly, a junior officer Mr Ufot Akpan (not real name), pushed their leader and threatened to beat him.

Eventually, a fight broke out.

Motorists, passengers, hawkers and pedestrians who witnessed the fight, watched from a distance as each fought while clutching to his rifle.

A good Samaritan alerted the Police Headquarters.

After the fight had been settled, people went about their businesses, but Mr Akpan received a phone call from the headquarter, instructing him to relocate there and join those at the gate.

Instead of obeying the order, he hid his rifle somewhere under the bridge and abandoned his duty post.

At the headquarter, his wife, who is also a police Sergeant, understood that he would be punished and pleaded with their superiors for mercy.

By 3:00 p.m., another officer, Mr Solomon Osuaka also hid his rifle with the excuse that he was going to urinate.

He never returned.

By 8:p.m., as the environment became dark, movement around the area reduced.

Tricycle operators began to return home.

The only source of light and sound were that of vehicles on high speed.

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Just when the two remaining officers were about to leave, two hefty armed men suddenly appeared and shot them on both legs.

The injured officers screamed and pleaded for their lives.

But, the armed men whom were on a mission, abandoned their one-bullet-per-shot gun and escaped with two rifles which belonged to the police.

Again, the headquarters were alerted, and the injured officers were rushed to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Yenagoa where they are receiving treatment.

In the course of investigating the matter, Bounce News spoke to different persons.

Smiling, a female police officer who would not want her name to be mentioned, said money was the only thing that could cause problem between them.

"If you check very well, you discover that it's money that caused that fight.

"This our work is not easy but, those that abandoned their duty post just made themselves suspects.”

She also revealed that Mr Akpan had been demoted and might eventually be dismissed.

"They are already in trouble for so many reasons and will provide information for our investigation," she concluded.

When contacted, the police spokesman, DSP Asinim Butswat told Bounce News that a "report about what happened is yet to get to my table.

“I will release information once we find out what actually happened," he added.

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