Hoodlums in Ward 9 polling unit 10 and 11 in Ibadan South-East Oke Oluokun have threatened voters not to cast their ballots at the unit if they are not in support of the APC's governorship candidate, Adebayo Adelabu.

Our correspondent in Ibadan reports that the voting exercise was going on smoothly until the touts in the area came in numbers to threaten voters not to vote for the opposition party PDP.

"Whoever votes for PDP will be killed here, we will kill whoever votes for them, there will be trouble here. 

"If you know you want to vote for them it's better you leave now. 

"This is Adelabu's home and he must win all the five polling unit in this area".

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The hoodlums went to meet an opposition party agent and threatened her that Adelabu is the man that they should vote for else there will be chaos. Without hesitation, the party agent noded in agreement with fear in her eyes.

Everywhere is tensed up, even local observers are worried about the development although security agents are on ground to stop any violence if there is any.

Residents in the area said the touts are just threatening but can't harm anybody. However, the fury in their voices speaks volumes.