If you want to be President of Nigeria, you must have 10 million Naira first to pick up the nomination form and to be governor of a state, you need five million Naira.

This is one of the things you will find in the amended electoral laws in Nigeria.

And that, some say, is the exact reason god fathers reign supreme in Nigerian politics. Otherwise, how would young people ever be able to run for electoral office.

Dele Ashiru is a senior lecturer in the Department of Political Science at the University of Lagos and he is seeing this as the reason for Nigeria’s type of leaders.

“It is disenfranchising to set that quantum of money because I want to serve the country.

“Leadership is about service and that is why we get the same set of leaders year in year out. It is only those that have stolen money in Nigeria that can afford to set aside that quantum of money.

“Time was in this country when political parties contributed money to install a candidate in office and that is why the leaders of those times were accountable to the people.

“Today, it’s the other way round. If I have money to fund an election, who would I be accountable to?

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“That is why some of our leaders have told us that contesting an election in Nigeria is an investment, and that they must recoup more than 100% of what they have invested,” he said.

He insists that the brand of democracy being practiced in Nigeria shuts many quality people out.

Now that Nigerian youths seem to have surmounted the challenge of age with the #NotTooYoungToRun campaign, will money not be the next challenge to shut them out?

Could this be the time to start another drama tagged #NotTooBrokeToRun?


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