The Senator representing Kaduna South Senatorial District, Danjuma La'ah, has accused Governor Nasir El-Rufai of causing the crisis in the state.

Senator La'ah made the accusation during the plenary of the Senate on Wednesday, October 24.  

He spoke after Senator Sulaiman Hunkuyi, citing Orders 42 & 52 as he drew the attention of the Senate to the killings in Kaduna State.

“These killings are inhuman, unmindful and unnecessary.

"There are so many hoodlums carrying out these acts and it needs to be tackled," he said.

Other Senators began to contribute to the motion and when it was his turn to speak, Senator La'ah made the subtle allegation. 

"There should be no reasons people should be killed anyhow like cows.

"If politics is happening in Zamfara and Kaduna.

"If all those that are from Zamfara are all Muslims and those from southern Kaduna are all Christians, is it enough reason for people will die?

"People are not supposed to die.

“Life is given by God and there is no reason it should be taken by a man. We cannot continue to just observe this, something must be done.”- Senator Danjuma Laah.  

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"In the first place, I noticed that the governor is out of town.

"Was he supposed to leave without leaving responsibility to the deputy?

''What for? We are all human beings. You should not look at people like they don’t know what they are doing.

"I want things to be done in the rightful way.

"All these happenings in Kaduna state is caused by the Governor of Kaduna State because he is not putting all the necessary measures in place.

"They are his responsibilities, but he leaves them all.

"It is not compulsory to vote somebody. I can vote somebody if I want and if he is not working, he should leave there," he said.

The Senator further raised concerns about what he called the governor's demand for money from the Federal Government. 

"We are observing and always watching. Why is he still asking the Federal Government to give him money?

"Is he the only governor who has damages.

"He is looking for the money that he will be giving out.

"If you don’t have time for the human begins. We cannot allow that to remain," he added.

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He then stressed the need for the Senate to take action on the matter.

"We are fighting this course today to prevent the unforeseen.

"Don’t look at the Kaduna Issue as a Kaduna problem alone.

"It can affect anybody. I am telling brothers and sister here that these things should not be dealt with lightly. 

"They cannot pretend like they don’t know who is doing it," he added. 

After other lawmakers commented on the issue, the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, refused to comment, but announced that parliament would send a delegation to meet the executive today on the matter.

At least, 55 persons were killed in attacks that occurred on Thursday, October 18, in Kasuwan Magani in Kajuru Local Government Area of the state.

The State governor has ordered communities to rebuild public property that were destroyed in the attacks. 

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