How would you like to see a single 6-year tenure for the President and governors of Nigeria?

That’s exactly what Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, proposed on Wednesday.

Ekweremadu shared his thoughts on his social media handles, revealing that many nations across the world had adopted the single term presidency until their democracies were matured enough to transit to other options.

“In the 1970s, many Latin American democracies faced the same challenges we face in Nigeria today. As many of them transited from military and autocratic regimes to democratic regimes, they discovered that the politics of succession, including incumbents’ penchant for self-perpetuation, overheated their polities and threatened their democracies.

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"They adopted the single term presidency until such a time their respective democracies matured and stabilised.”

He added that the proposal was shared in the national assembly, however, it wasn’t well received.

“In Nigeria’s case we proposed a single term for the President and Governors with several transitional options during the constitution amendment exercise in the 7th National Assembly.

“Unfortunately, it was misunderstood by various political and sectional interests for various reasons and the proposal did not succeed,” he said.

Sharing his stance, Ekweremadu said: “However, I strongly believe a single term of five or six years for President and Governors, even if for a stipulated period as was the case with several Latin American democracies, is something Nigerians should revisit after the 2019 general elections.

“This will substantially reduce the political tensions and executive excesses that come with self-succession.”

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