For the past months, Lagos has been celebrating the 50th anniversary of the state, and it seems events came to a climax in May.

While most people think the celebration is over, Eko Club is putting together activities to mark Lagos at 50 in a unique way.

The focus according to one of the founding members of the club Professor Abisogun Olubode Leigh, is the economy of the state.

Abisogun, who is the current captain of the Boys section of the club, told Bounce News that Lagos is a prime mover of the national economy and needs to be nurtured.

“We believe that beyond all the beautiful activities the government has embarked upon to mark the 50 the anniversary, we need to isolate a particular day when we will talk as the mouth of the indigenous people of Lagos State.

“We believe we should still highlight some of the major factors that make Lagos unique.

“The event will hold on August 9, and the topic of the day will be Lagos Economy. We want to focus on Lagos Economy to see why every resident needs to do their best, why we need to pay our taxes, why we need to support the security of the state, why we need to live in harmony.

“There will be a lecture and symposium where knowledgeable people will talk on the subject."