The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose has challenged the governor-elect, KayodeFayemi to begin to probe of his government now instead of waiting till when he is sworn in.

The governor advised the governor-elect to seek legitimacy for his election first rather than embarking on a vendetta mission that would consume him.

Fayose said this while reacting to the threat of Fayemi to probe his government.

Speaking with reporters after presenting his Certificate of Return (CoR) to President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday, Fayemi said he would look into the books of the state to know why workers are yet to be paid salaries.

But Fayose through his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New‎ Media, Lere Olayinka,  dared the governor-elect to begin the probe now.

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“It is obvious that he will be consumed in his vendetta mission and rather than grandstanding, Fayemi should first seek legitimacy for his stolen mandate,” he said.

“He (Fayemi) should stop living in the world where threat of probe scares people because we in the government of Fayose are not afraid of victimisation and vendetta that Fayemi is obviously coming with.”

Try again

Fayose described Fayemi as a beneficiary of a stolen mandate who is afraid to even come to the open to celebrate his false victory.

“Even yesterday (Wednesday) when he went to collect the certificate of the mandate that was snatched and handed to him by the powers that be in Abuja, he had to be protected by police helicopter and hundreds of armed policemen. One wonders how he is going to rule the people they forced him on.”

“If Fayemi is on vendetta mission, which is obvious that he is, he will first destroy himself because like Ekiti and its people survived him during his first tenure, the people will outlive him this time too.”

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