The music video-superstar-Senator, Dino Melaye, is from Kogi State, but his love for the Peoples Democratic Party has rekindled and drew him back to the party.

He could not hold his love back for the party on Saturday while the governorship election held in Ekiti State.

Senator Melaye seems to have relocated to Ekiti or he has his foot soldiers on ground and a music video may be expected from the governorship election incidents soon. 

But before that video comes out, there is something he wants to know. 

The Senator who has had scuffles with the police few months ago is asking the Nigeria Police Force a question.

He posted a video on Instagram and asked a question. 

In the video, everywhere was rowdy, with some women talking in Yoruba language.

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Ballot papers were spread all over the place and the box was open and on the floor. 

One of the persons at the scene said: "I am recording it... We know them... It was Ayo. It was Ayo Olubaru", identifying the individual that may have carried out the act.

"Don't pack it o," the female voice added. 

Police officials were seen in the scene, but were not shown making attempts to restore order.

A large number of police, at least 30,000 of them, were dispatched to Ekiti for the election and they also have military backup manning the exit and entry points of Ekiti.

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The video was accompanied by a question that is now begging for answer. "Where are the 30,000 policemen in Ekiti." 

The individual that perpetrated the act seems to be walking free, without being arrested, going by the comments in the video. 

However, there were no proofs that the video was shot in Ekiti and the police have not issued a statement on the matter. 

If you want ballot box snatching STOPPED, please, share this story with your friends and family.

Where are the 30,000 policemen in Ekiti

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